Nicole Bernegger
Media & Bio

Nicole Bernegger is a seasoned performer and songwriter. After touring the clubs and festivals of Europe with her Northern soul outfit „The Kitchenettes“ she won „The Voice of Switzerland“ and took a turn towards a more mainstream pop sound as a solo artist, always infused of course with her impressive soul vocals. She won a Swiss Music Award, played an arena tour in Germany opening for Simply Red and extensively toured Switzerland in support of her first two solo records.

Now it’s time to revisit the roots: it’s back to Nicole’s beloved Sixties sound with a growling hammond organ, and an upright bass. It’s her return to the soul of the underground that thrives in small steamy clubs, in shady alleys, and in jazzy bars. Her brand new band and new songs need a more intimate setting to develop their full potential. She wants the audience to feel her – and she want’s to feel them in return. It’s time for some cool and dirty soul again – it’s time to go back to the roots.